New Beginnings

I have been a blogger for more than ten years. Hence when I started this blog, I had many plans. Though my earlier ones dealt with books and random thoughts this time, I decided to focus on my state - Kerala. I was planning to travel the length and breadth of my state for I … Continue reading New Beginnings

I just felt like sharing my recipe of ‘Kerala Moru Curry’ with you.

This is an easy and tasty one…. In many parts, the ingredients vary slightly. I will tell you my recipe… Freshly grated coconut, a clove of garlic, three to four shallots, one and half teaspoon cumin seeds ( I believe, this single ingredient lends that special taste to this curry ), a little bit of … Continue reading I just felt like sharing my recipe of ‘Kerala Moru Curry’ with you.

Dear Lovely December

Dear Lovely December, For most of the people, you might be the end of a year. But to me, you are just thebeginning. For you own me….I befriended on the second day. I was born on December 2. Since then, you have always been my favourite….a threshold towards a new beginning….Don't ever change….I always remember … Continue reading Dear Lovely December

In between ‘Planning’ happens Life….

Sometimes you feel like doing a lot of things. And if you have attended one of those capacity building conferences, you will definitely decide to plan your each step. For the expert says: “the goal will continue to remain distant unless you plan.” Thoroughly motivated, I decide to plan... I shut myself away from everything … Continue reading In between ‘Planning’ happens Life….

Have you ever felt the presence of God so close?

A few years ago…. October 20, 2.45 pm Isolation Ward, Ernakulam General Hospital, Kerala I went to the Isolation ward of the general hospital to write a story on the plight of patients who were abandoned by their families (I am a journalist by profession). When some were too poor to take care of them, … Continue reading Have you ever felt the presence of God so close?

A ‘Mango’ Story

I lay awake, peering through the window. It was drizzling and I could see the cloudy sky through the branches and the leaves of the trees. Next to my house was a bungalow that was locked up for quite some time. There was no mystery associated with it. Just that its residents had settled elsewhere … Continue reading A ‘Mango’ Story

Greenlight by Kalpana Swaminathan

It began when a six-year-old girl from Kandewadi, a small slum near Andheri in Mumbai goes missing. Pinky was the first to go, then Jamila followed by Mary, Sindhu and Tara. Panic grips the slum when these children are returned as mutilated and raped corpses. Lalli takes charge of the investigation with police officers Savio … Continue reading Greenlight by Kalpana Swaminathan

Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie

Mr Shaitana was a person of dubious character. He was attending a snuff box exhibition when he ran into Hercule Poirot, the detective. Shaitana was quick enough to invite him for dinner and lured him to meet some strange invitees. There was something peculiar about the invitation. A collector of many strange things, Shaitana also … Continue reading Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie

Tales from a vending machine – Anees Salim

When an Indian author writes in English, it is a strenuous task to do something that can overstep the boundaries. Tales From a Vending Machine by Kochi-based author Anees Salim has clearly surpassed these boundaries without any effort. Go to any part of India, it would not be difficult to spot a Hasina Mansoor, the … Continue reading Tales from a vending machine – Anees Salim